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From "Philippe LAPLANCHE" <>
Subject ${} gives bad continuation id
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 13:04:31 GMT
I already asked this on I had no answer. Since
my problem looks like a cocoon bug and since I'm completely stuck here,
I'm asking you the same question.

I use cocoon 2.1.8 on windows XP with tomcat 5.5 and sun jdk 1.5.

In my flowscript function. I display a form then I send a result page. I
use an infinite loop to handle pagination. In that loop, I call
In my jexl file used to display the results I want to use
${} but I think I get the id of the continuation
that was generated for the form instead of the one generated when
calling sendPageAndWait.

Here's what I put in my jexl file : 

<a href="${}?skipResults=10">next page</a>

When I click on "next page" I'm brought back to the form with a
validation error. So I understand that I got the wrong continuation id

Here's the code of my flowscript function :

function findNumber() {
	var yellowPagesForm = new Form("forms/yellowPagesForm.xml");
	var model = yellowPagesForm.getModel();
	var local = cocoon.createPageLocal();
      local.skipResults = 0;
      local.ypResult = findLinesInYellowPages(model.query);
  	while(true) {
		cocoon.sendPageAndWait("yellowPagesResult.jx",{"local" :
		local.skipResults =


PS. Is there a nice document that explains exactly how continuations
work and how they should be used?
In the docs on, it's said that sendPage() doesn't
generate a continuation, whereas it actually does.... And here I'm lost
again with continuations. 
And I'm also afraid that continuations might consume a LOT of memory. Is
there a way to tell that each user shouldn't have more than 5
continuations or something like that?

PSS. When will 2.1.9 be available ?

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