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From "Peter Hunsberger" <>
Subject Re: [RT] a simple release plan
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 14:26:31 GMT
On 3/16/06, Upayavira <> wrote:
> Thus, we have 'one way' of doing it, that people don't want to follow,
> for their own reasons, and because of this, nothing at all happens, and
> our community gets weaker by the day.

Oh, come on. There's no real evidence for this being true.  If it is
happening it is only because people start to spread FUD instead of
putting some energy into actually trying to work with trunk....

> We need to have the scope for differences, alternative approaches,
> conflicts, etc, and then switch to the best when a best clearly shows
> itself. What we have now is one unimplemented ideal that we are
> supposedly working towards (I'm talking of the community here, not you
> yourself). And that ideal is for some psychological reason preventing
> others from engaging with their own ideas. It is that psychological
> block that I want to find ways to remove. Really, what the technology is
> that helps to remove that block, I do not care. I just want to see that
> block removed so that the creativity of the many can flow again.

Once more I ask: what is that you want to do that you can't currently do?

> Carsten has offered a suggestion that _he_ is prepared to implement. I
> would like to hear other proposals from people of things that _they_ are
> prepared to implement. Only that way will we move beyond this impass.

Daniel and Bertrand have already given you a reasonable proposal.

Carsten's proposal sounds reasonable on the surface, but the fact is,
that it will actually take a lot of focus away from the current trunk.
 For years people have been saying they need real blocks, now all of a
sudden, there is a need to split a new fork so that a Spring based
container can get released?  I don't get it: sure it will help some
people, so will real blocks.  It seems to me that if the same energy
was spent getting the current trunk cleaned up that would go into a
2.3 release  this discussion)  then the job would be done.

Here's an analogy for you: a man gets engaged to a woman he has loved
for many years.  A week before the wedding his buddies take him out
for a bachelor party and he falls in lust with a young "dancer" who
flirts with him (and happens to take a lot of money from his buddies
without him really noticing).  Should he break off his engagement with
his fiance to start chasing the young dancer?

Peter Hunsberger

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