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From "Ben Pope" <>
Subject [2.2] Webapp
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 22:02:24 GMT
Hi everybody,

I've just read the simple release plan, and I feel obliged to make
some comments.

I think the main doubts about the stabilty of trunk is that it isn't
possible to get the samples running.  The only way to solve the
problem of the lack of confidence in trunk is to get the samples
working.  Without the samples, I personally find it very hard to try
2.2, let alone get stuck in proper.

At the moment (well, since I started trying out 2.2 about 6 weeks ago,
up until last weekend) I have not been able to get any samples up and
running, despite following the provided instructions, and this is
forms and templates samples, pretty core stuff I'm sure we're all

I hear over and over again how easy it would be to create a script
that copies the blocks over, but I can't do it manually with any
success, so even if I could write the Ant Task, M2 Mojo or whatever, I
doubt I'd succeed.  Nobody has written this script yet.

Don't get me wrong, I think the progress so far is great, I love the
idea of OSGi, Spring, blocks and Maven, and everybody has done a great
job.  However, I think something has gone wrong.  There seems to be
lots of people doing their own thing, everybody insists that that what
they have done doesn't break anything, but I can't make it work.  I'm
pretty sure I'm not alone.

I think there needs to be some effort towards getting the samples back
up and running.  I know, it will divert effort away from your own
projects, but at the moment the lack of samples and working test cases
are now making development harder and introducing more and more

Can the few people that are able, please consider getting these two
things back up and running, I think that is the only way to prevent
others from wanting to branch trunk, go back to ant, and generally shy
away from development on or with 2.2.

How much effort is really required, when you consider how much gain
can be had in terms of additional help and testing, as well as
everybody working towards the same goal?

Thanks for your time.

Ben Pope
I'm not just a number. To many, I'm known as a string...

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