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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject Re: [RT] a simple release plan
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 12:38:33 GMT
On 3/16/06, Upayavira <> wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> > Upayavira wrote:
> >
> >> Carsten has offered a suggestion that _he_ is prepared to implement. I
> >> would like to hear other proposals from people of things that _they_ are
> >> prepared to implement. Only that way will we move beyond this impass.
> >
> > There are many documents that explain the roadmap Daniel and I follow
> > ATM. The only thing we are asking for is that we all work on trunk.
> > Everything else is another internal fork (didn't we agree that this was
> > a bad idea?) and we have to make sure again that everything gets synced
> > again and again. That's the reason for the -1 on Carsten's proposal of
> > Daniel and me.
> >
> > So what's the overhead for people that want to work on trunk? They
> > should make sure that the testcases run through and they should run the
> > samples before they commit. Is this such a special requirement? Does
> > somebody have to understand in detail what the testcases cover?
> >
> > If a testcase gets broken *locally* by a developer, the developer should
> > discuss the change on dev@cocoon and then people can decide together how
> > to proceed. That should be the standard procedure in every development
> > project, may it be opensource or commercial.
> >
> > Can we agree on these very basic rules?
> The overhead for people to work on trunk is that trunk is largely
> unknown. It is my perception that many people have little confidence
> that trunk actually works. Fear that it will change frequently, and that
> they will have to invest a lot of effort (time which they don't have) in
> order to keep up.
> That's the concern I'm trying to address. Not whether trunk _actually_
> works, but how people in our community _feel_ about it. It may be just

Some comments from the peanut gallery...  I used to keep a trunk
updated and build periodically.  My ability to do that went away with
Mavenization.  I was willing to climb a Maven learning curve, but I
lost confidence when I tried to build, say 4 times, and it succeeds
one time out of 4 for some unknown reason even though I didn't change
anything in between builds - simply built one after another.  If one
can't reliably/consistently build without having to worry about lunar
alignment, then they won't have confidence. This has been a long way
of saying that my loss of confidence in Cocoon's trunk relates to
Maven not blocks.  Fix maven so that it consistently builds and you'll
be a long way towards restoring trust in trunk I think.

I'll just add that this previous paragraph is about my perception, not
necessarily trunk's reality.  In other words, it may be that I'm doing
something wrong, but I've followed the various threads and
instructions faithfully.


> 'emotion', but it really is important, as, IMO, emotion (or could I say
> emotional investment) is the fundamental underpinning of our community.
> If that fades away, away with it goes our community.
> I'm looking for ideas of ways and suggestions as to how our community
> can move on with this more 'fuzzy' stuff - and get more of us developing
> and innovating again.
> Upayavira

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