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From Nils Kaiser <>
Subject [OFF-TOPIC] Streaming Xpath processing
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 09:33:56 GMT

I am currently searching for a solution for evaluating some basic xpath 
expressions on a SAX stream. I found it very interesting that this 
subjects gets more and more attention: you can find a lot of university 
papers about it. But finding some running implementation is very difficult.

I had a look at STX / Joost [1] and XSQ [2]: those projects look 
promising, but they don't offer a direct solution to my problem. What I 
exactly need is a SAX content handler that can evaluate a list of basic 
expressions to boolean (condition) and string (extraction).

Whereas the code of the XSQ project is very confusing... Joost seems 
more clean and mature. So maybe I'll find the time to adapt Joost to 
perform the explained requirements. Currently the stack-building code 
for evaluating XPathes is tightly bound to STX template processing...

Before I invest time in this, however, I wanted to check if I overlooked 
something and mabye someone has a running implementation or can point me 
to another similar project?

I think these areas can be a nice playground for the future of pipeline 
processing in Cocoon... (content-aware pipelines)


Nils Kaiser

[1] and

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