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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [RT] Set min JVM to 1.4 after 2.1.9?
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 20:14:19 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Vadim Gritsenko escribió:
>> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>>> WDYT?
>> I agree with all points, but personally I'd prefer to release 2.2 
>> (defined as: 2.1 + new core + mvn monolithic build) and stop 
>> maintenance of 2.1 branch. Don't you think this will be a better 
>> alternative? :)
> While I understand the importance of the cocoon versioning system. I 
> don't see the point to have a new "major" release right now. I also 
> understand Cocoon 2.1 is a settled version. A version that we can keep 
> improving until the next major version hit the streets.
> For this reasons, I prefer to wait for 2.2. IMHO, it's important for us 
> to include osgi support and real blocks in 2.2.

I disagree with you here. It is more important for me to get new core and new 
2.2 features out really soon - so it is possible to get it stabilized and start 
moving existing & new projects - rather than wait several more years for Cocoon 
Vista to appear on horizon.

Releases should happen often and with relatively small number of changes. Not 
once in a decade with 60% of code re-written...

> Why waste our few resources creating a mvn monolithic build just for few 
> weeks?

(answer: because it is required anyway for backward compatibility)

> Do we eagerly need a new version? If so, we should stabilize 2.2 
> and release an "alpha" of the current trunk as is.

Completely agree: next release can use ant build, it does not have to be maven, 
if it helps to push release earlier. Two month after that, 2.3 release can bring 
maven. 2.4 can bring OSGi. etc.

> BTW,  these days, I feel like cocoon is eagerly releasing just because a 
> boss somewhere needs a "tagged" versioned and released code before 
> starting or launching his internal project. Are we forced to third-party 
> schedule? Why not the opposite?

For me it is exactly the opposite. The longer it takes to get next 2.X Cocoon 
release out, the harder it will be for me to switch to it.

> Also, if we release 2.2 as you suggest How long will be the 2.2 life? 
> IMHO, very short. Makes sense at all?

Ideally, life of each release should be short - say, 25 Internet years? 
Continuing with 2.1.X starting to feel like necrophilia... :-P


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