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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Voting on releases?
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 05:27:42 GMT
My 2 cents.  The paragraph below my signature is from I don't see anything here 
that indicates exactly when the vote should be taken.  Common sense 
might tell you that you should only vote after the package has been 
built and tested.  As long as I've been here votes seem to be taken to 
build the package and lazy consensus is used to approve the package - 
i.e. the formal release is delayed only if errors occur during testing.  
Our assumption is that you are frequently building and testing the 
current SVN so the formal release package shouldn't be a whole lot 

It would be rather pointless for the release manager to build a package 
and then start a vote only to then be told that a bunch of stuff needs 
to be fixed.


        Votes on Package Releases

Votes on whether a package is ready to be released follow a format 
similar to majority approval 
<> -- 
except that the decision is officially determined solely by whether at 
least three +1 votes were registered. *Releases may not be vetoed.* 
Generally the community will table the vote to release if anyone 
identifies serious problems, but in most cases the ultimate decision, 
once three or more positive votes have been garnered, lies with the 
individual serving as release manager. The specifics of the process may 
vary from project to project, but the 'minimum of three +1 votes' rule 
is universal.

David Crossley wrote:
> I think that there is a requirement for PMCs to vote
> on all releases. Cocoon doesn't yet have its project
> guidelines, but other PMC guidelines are definite.
> Most say "majority approval is required".
>> Seriously, making sure we agree on release plans (code freeze dates  
>> etc.) is a Good Thing - I've seen several projects arguing or  
>> disagreeing on releases, so it's certainly good to be a bit careful  
>> and to make sure everyone is on the same page.
>> It doesn't cost much and there are at least  "social" benefits.
>> So, +1 for voting on release plans ;-)
> +1, i agree that we should vote on the release plan
> as well.
> -David

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