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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: setting up a Cocoon m2 repo mirror (was Re: [RT] a simple release plan)
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 10:23:52 GMT

Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> Excuse me, but can someone refresh my memory on why we went down the 
> Maven way? I thought it was to get rid of maintaining all those "lib" in 
> our SVN, and now someone is telling me that we actually should maintain 
> a full maven mirror, but tweaked because we don't like theirs?

Heh. Yes, the idea is that by going the maven route we can more easily 
use external libs without having to keep them all within Cocoon itself.

Unfortunately, there's some scaling issues, so this has backfired on us: 
it's not that we don't like the existing maven repos, but that they have 
capacity issues right now which reflects badly on Cocoon. To people new 
to maven, it looks like "Cocoon doesn't build" even though it's maven 
unable to fetch from the repositories.

So my suggestion was, since we have bandwidth to spare, we could provide 
a Cocoon-specific mirror as a short-term fix whilst the more general 
infrastructure problems are resolved. Actually, in hindsight, it makes 
more sense to see what can be done to fix maven's repo infrastructure - 
but I know nothing about ibiblio etc. and don't have time to investigate 
right now, so it's easier for me to simply say "here's a machine with a 
ton of bandwidth, let's use that for now".

If anyone knows how to do this in a more integrated way, please shout!


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