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From hepabolu <>
Subject [2.2/2.3] What to do to move forward?
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 09:14:03 GMT

I've read the threads and I think the observation that something (not 
pointing fingers here) is blocking the move forward, is correct. I'm 
sure all of you agree.

In the past there have been several discussions about roadmaps and 
visions, but AFAICT none of them ended in a clear and unambiguous plan 
to get to a point where everyone can agree on.
I know this is not a paid group, but strict volunteers, which resent all 
ideas about a more company-like hierarchical group. OTOH many of you 
earn a living using Cocoon. You're used to planning (at least I hope so 
;-) ) and setting a goal.
Why not try to get a consensus between the core developers (core = the 
most active group, not (just) those working on the core of Cocoon) on 
what should be done to get the next 2.X (X >= 2) release out and when 
should it be released?

Not great visions of moving Cocoon to the center of stage as the 
server-sided equivalent of Eclipse, making it the most versatile yet 
most easy to use/configure web framework, but a simple list of things 
that are feasible to do and that gives everyone a clear understanding of 
what should be done and how they can contribute.

Just to avoid that this is another of those "somebody, but not me, 
should do this" kind of email, I'll try to set up this list, hoping that 
those with more inside knowledge will be triggered to improve it.

Release plan:

end of March: 2.1.9
end of April: 2.X (X = 2 or 3, depending on what you agree on)

List of things to do before the April release:

in short: make Cocoon build and run again.

- make the blocks usable, at least as in 2.1.X.
   - make it clear for everyone what the status of the blocks is.
   - what should be done to make them usable?

- make the Spring connection working.
   - make it clear for everyone what the status of use of the Spring is.
   - what should be done to make it usable?

- make the Maven 2 build working.
    - what should be done to make it working?

- make the tests working.

- make the samples working.

- add the Ajax/Dojo stuff (i.e. sync between 2.1.X and trunk)

- add enough documentation for users to make the switch

No new features/RT/visions etc, just basic down to earth bug fixing work.

Now, I have no clue if this is feasible in a month's time, but you 
should step in and give informed opinions.
I can make a page in Daisy where the plan is put in draft so that no 
outsiders can see it until everyone agrees. And I will help with 
documentation as soon as I get an idea about what I can/should do.


Bye, Helma

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