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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] a simple release plan
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 21:37:43 GMT
Ralph Goers skrev:
> Andrew Savory wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Ralph Goers wrote:
>>> 1. I'm pretty sure all the blocks have not been mavenized.
>> Is there a list of blocks to mavenise anywhere, with instructions of 
>> how to do it? I don't mind helping with this.
> The easy way to tell I suppose is to check out trunk. There are a bunch 
> of cocoon-whatever directories. Compare that list with what is in 
> src/blocks in 2.1.  I believe the instructions are in README.m10n.txt.

Actually all the trunk blocks was Mavenized once. Then 
two things happened:

1) We decided to change to change directory structure to something that 
followed the Maven standard, and that had some other advantages: All 
blocks with the new structure are moved to the trunk.

2) We changed group id from apache-cocoon to org.apache.cocoon (in 
trunk). As the later is the recomended structure for M2.

Most of the blocks in 
would probably build again just by fixing the group id.

It would of course be nice to switch all to the new directory structure, 
but that can be done one block at the time when someone feel the itch.

                  --- o0o ---

It would also be very valuable if someone with Cocoon zones competence 
could get the snapshot build running again 
With the snapshots working one just need to check out the blocks that 
one actually want to develop.

>>> (I could be wrong, but I don't seem to be able to check out trunk as 
>>> there is an external that uses http which won't go through my 
>>> employer's firewall).
>> Do you mean https? If so that probably needs fixing ...
>> If you do mean http is blocked, there's probably not much we can do 
>> about that ;-)
> Yes, my employer's firewall is set up so that only https works with 
> svn.  That's fine because you need that in order to check in.  In any 
> case, I did a clean check out and didn't have the problem.  It only 
> happened when I tried to update my existing sandbox.
>>> 2. The maven build seems to have serious problems with some of the 
>>> repositories (I believe primarily those at apache).
>> Is there any way we can set up a Cocoon mirror for the time being, 
>> until the repository problems are resolved? I'm sure several of us 
>> here can set up a repo, and it could be the default used by Cocoon.
>> (I assume the Maven folk know about the repo troubles and are working 
>> on it?)

IIUC, the main problem is the use lots of libraries that isn't part of 
the central Maven repository (which is supposed to be mirrored and able 
to take a lot of load).

Jorg is working on getting a release of the Mavenized Excalibur. It is 
also possible to submit POM:s for upload at Ibiblio


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