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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [RT] a simple release plan
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 18:10:02 GMT
Andrew Savory wrote:

> Hi,
> Ralph Goers wrote:
>> 1. I'm pretty sure all the blocks have not been mavenized.
> Is there a list of blocks to mavenise anywhere, with instructions of 
> how to do it? I don't mind helping with this.

The easy way to tell I suppose is to check out trunk. There are a bunch 
of cocoon-whatever directories. Compare that list with what is in 
src/blocks in 2.1.  I believe the instructions are in README.m10n.txt.

>> (I could be wrong, but I don't seem to be able to check out trunk as 
>> there is an external that uses http which won't go through my 
>> employer's firewall).
> Do you mean https? If so that probably needs fixing ...
> If you do mean http is blocked, there's probably not much we can do 
> about that ;-)
Yes, my employer's firewall is set up so that only https works with 
svn.  That's fine because you need that in order to check in.  In any 
case, I did a clean check out and didn't have the problem.  It only 
happened when I tried to update my existing sandbox.

>> 2. The maven build seems to have serious problems with some of the 
>> repositories (I believe primarily those at apache).
> Is there any way we can set up a Cocoon mirror for the time being, 
> until the repository problems are resolved? I'm sure several of us 
> here can set up a repo, and it could be the default used by Cocoon.
> (I assume the Maven folk know about the repo troubles and are working 
> on it?)

I have no idea.

>> Innovation is great. However, if it is never released it is 
>> completely wasted.  We keep saying "release often" but then keep 
>> putting up roadblocks to make that impossible.
> Just out of interest, how many others have actually downloaded and 
> _tried_ the new mavenised 2.2? I know I only updated and tried it last 
> weekend, after the thread with instructions on how to do so.

I first tried it at ApacheCon in early December. As I recall it was in a 
whiteboard at the time. I've tried it several times since then. I've 
never been able to get a Cocoon up where I could test the code I wanted 
to modify.  I haven't tried it since the email you refer to but I will 
this weekend.


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