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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Release 2.1.9 (again) [Dojo]
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:02:31 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
>> 1. several special attributes (ajax=true and some Dojo required
>> attributes) make it impossible to produce valid XHTML pages. A quick
>> reading in some Dojo files showed that most dojo attributes can be
>> replaced with classnames or identifiers, making valid XHTML pages
>> still possible. Have you used any of those? Or are there other ways to
>> produce valid XHTML pages that can already be incorporated in the
>> current code?
> The ajax="true" attribute is used server-side by Cocoon and can be
> filtered out by the stylesheets.
> The dojoType attribute triggers the Dojo widget system. It can be
> written in 3 different ways depending on the context/requirements:
> - dojoType attribute (e.g. dojoType="CFormsRepeater") -- works everywhere
> - namespaced dojo:type attribute (e.g. dojo:type="CFormsRepeater") --
> works on namespace-aware browsers
> - CSS class (e.g. class="dojo-CFormsRepeater")
> I used the dojoType attribute variant, now we may decide to use another one.
> However, some widgets _require_ foreign attributes to be present. These
> are the widget-specific properties.

I'll second Helma's "Nasty."

Do you have a list of which widgets require these invalid attributes?

I realize some people consider validation a "nice-to-have" at best, but
for many it is a requirement, so this is potentially a serious problem.


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