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From Jean-Baptiste Quenot <>
Subject Re: Questions on cleaning up trunk
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 08:40:52 GMT
* Reinhard Poetz:

> * Why  are databases and  xmldb in  directory blocks as  well as
> inCocoon trunk?
> probably   the  person   who   moved  them   forgot  to   delete
> them. Jean-Baptist, wasn't it you who  did the move? If yes, can
> we delete them in /cocoon/blocks?

I did  not delete blocks/xmldb  because I  didn't know what  to do
with conf and WEB-INF.  The rest can be deleted.  Let me some more
time to finish  the work, as I  see we could finally  agree on the
converted directory structure.
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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