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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: [vote] Niclas Hedhman as a new Cocoon committer
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 14:22:41 GMT
On Friday 24 March 2006 02:26, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'd like to propose Niclas Hedhman as a new Cocoon committer. He has
> been around at cocoon-dev since 2000, regularly delivering insight full
> comments about technical as well as community questions, high quality
> patches and strong opinions in various topics ;) He has been and is
> committer and active in several other Apache projects and have started
> some OS projects outside Apache. He is also an expert member of JSR 291
> (OSGi), and earlier JSR-78 (RMI Custom Remote References).
> Please cast your votes.

Thank you all.

I have been around Cocoon since the first day, when Stefano dropped a note on 
this new cool way of delivery on the JServ mailing list, and asked if anyone 
thought it was a good idea to start a project around it. Those were the days 
when mailing lists were hosted on workingdogs, it was new, it was fresh, it 
was exciting and Cocoon offered a radical new approach on server side 

The 1.x series exposed a lot of problems with the initial "reactor" design, 
and the ver 2 was started, several times. It was painful, but definately 
worth it. Ver 2 added Cocoon "product" after "cool". 

Since these days, Cocoon has matured and grown bigger, some say grown too big. 
Too big for its own good. It is not modular enough. Blocks were invented to 
save the day. It helped some, but the "real blocks" concept eluded the grasp 
of community. Real blocks requires fundamental changes, and too many people 
remember the pain of the 1.x to 2.x transition and swear "never again". 
Either small steps or no steps.

I feel OSGi is "last chance" for Cocoon to revitalize itself, and enter a 3rd 
generation of exciting technology. The importance of OSGi is enormous (you 
will hear more in due time) and the Cocoon community must prepare itself for;

 * Binary, hot-pluggable binary "blocks" of functionality.
 * Binary, hot-pluggable extensions to the Cocoon framework.
 * GUI clients deploy in the Cocoon instance for management/monitoring tasks.
 * Multiple implementations of well-accepted services.
 * Multiple incompatible versions of the same feature co-existing in runtime.
 * Hot-pluggable content, sub-sites, portlets.
 * Quicker turn-around on releases.
 * Faster pace of development, and more non-disruptive experiments.
 * Flash, Java, XUL and whatever MS is up to as richer clients.
 * User "workbenches".
 * "real" Rich Clients probably Eclipse-based applications.
 * and a lot more...

Cocoon has for very long been a "integration platform" where all kinds of cool 
stuff works together. Even things that were never meant to work together has 
been implemented. Keeping this up will become ever more complicated, but with 
better modularity, binary pluggability, and a large and dedicated community, 
it will be possible.

Now, with all that said; Ironically, I am no longer a Cocoon user. I found new 
toys, doing a lot less "web" and more RCP, embedded and mobile stuff. So, 
suddenly being voted into Cocoon as a committer is "awkward"...
However, I will try to help Daniel, Reinhard and others with the OSGi side of 
things as much as I can. I urge everyone to try and get an understanding of 
what OSGi is, and what it means to Cocoon. Daniel have tried to explain it 
many times at different levels, but due to its enormous impact on 
"everything", it is difficult for most developers here to "see the light". I 
will try to find, or even make, some introductory material, and slowly 
associate each of the basics into how Daniel et al are applying that to 

Maybe I will even start using Cocoon again as a result of this :o)


P.S. The introduction mentions "strong opinions"... :o) I am as blunt as beach 
ball and don't do well in political organizations, but the Avalon debacle 
taught me one thing; "Relax, it is not important!" and I feel much more 
relaxed nowadays. Or maybe that is because of my 2yr old son...

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