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From Jean-Baptiste Quenot <>
Subject Re: Status of block development
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 08:47:21 GMT
* Reinhard Poetz:
> For those of you, who think that blocks will never get finished - here a short list on
our achievments so far:
>  - splitting up of the monolytic Cocoon core has started by Daniel's
>    refactorings
>  - we use Spring as component framework and finally got rid of ECM, Avalon, etc.
>  - sitemap blocks are working
>  - block deployment is working
>  - trunk is mavenized
>  - virtual sitemap components
>  - we defined the directory structure of blocks
>  - ... and probably I've forgotten this or that important point ;-)

Thanks for this explanation, I have a few questions though.

>  - [cocoon-deployer-webapp-sample] is a very simple example. Here we need
>    something more useful. We have to identify blocks that we want
>    to show. I suggest
>    # cforms + samples
>    # ctemplate + samples
>    # auth + samples
>    # session-fw + samples

Don't you think we should provide all stable and not deprecated blocks?

>    Except cforms all these blocks are not shared between 2.1 and changing
>    cforms shouldn't be a big problem as the cforms directories are
>    references from 2.1 on a very detailed level. Right?

Can you elaborate what changes are required for CForms?

> * I introduced the new Maven goals
>   - cocoon:deploy and
>   - cocoon:deploy-war
> Both are based on the Maven war plugin. A demo can be found in [cocoon-deployer-webapp-sample].
As you can see, 
> deployment is based on cocoon-deploy.xml. This file describes which blocks you want to
deploy and how they are 
> configured. These blocks are deployed to the webapplication.

What (or where) is the schema of this file?  What component is
using this file?  Why is there redundancy with pom.xml, both are
referencing cocoon-default.  What is cocoon-default?

When I « mvn install » in
cocoon-block-deployer/cocoon-deployer-webapp-sample, the generated
webapp in target/demo does not contain sitemaps and other
resources, only web.xml and jars, am I missing something?

> Before block deployment, the normal web app creation of the war plugin takes place which
mainly consists of copying 
> files from src/main/webapp to target/[finalName].

How to achieve this step?  It seems it is not done automatically.
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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