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From "Sander Temme" <>
Subject Re: Make bugzilla for cocoon read only.
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:57:52 GMT

On Tue, March 28, 2006 8:30 am, Antonio Gallardo said:

> I am not aware about the internal configuration in the ASF. I see we
> currently use bugzilla 2.18.5. In our company, we use bugzilla 2.20.1.
> in the "product" form there is a checkbox called: "Closed for bug entry:
> ". Bugzilla 2.20.1 has also other benefits as RSS feeds and so on. The
> upgrade is pretty straight forward.

It's on my list, but not very high. We are on the latest release of 2.18,
which has closed a couple of security holes. I would like to take a more
detailed look at 2.20 before we upgrade, since it has some features that
we may start using.

The current Bugzilla installation already has the 'closed for bug entry'
checkbox, and whenever a project moves to JIRA, I check that box. It could
bew that this went forgotten for Cocoon, but I have no way to check right
now. I'm in China this week and did not bring the laptop that has all my
ASF stuff on it. Perhaps another Bugzilla Admin can have a look.

The 'closed for bug entry' prevents users from creating new bugs, but I
don't think it prevents users from manipulating or commenting on existing
bugs. If this is what you are concerned about, I currently don't have a


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