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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: A new FAQ entry?
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:31:47 GMT
My reply:
1. Not that I know of (if so, it needs to be publicised);
closest current thing is the Wiki: 
2. ???  (daisy would be a good spot; users can suggest 
updates but its not as easy to change as the wiki; maybe
once questions are answered on mailing list and/or wiki,
they can be submitted to Daisy for "approval" by the dev
team in a "official" FAQ)
3. Yes.
[A well-structured FAQ - and it will be BIG - is long overdue... 
a useful reminder, this]

>>> 2006/02/07 03:19 PM >>>

This is really a three pronged question:

   1. Do we have a project FAQ?
   2. Where is it? on daisy?
   3. Should we put this as a new entry?

Someone on the users list asked about problems scaling Cocoon--Tomcat 
was crashing with OutOfMemoryErrors even though plenty of RAM was made 
available using the -Xmx.... parameter.  We pointed him to JVM and 
garbage collection as a possible culprit (as well as pool sizing).  As 
it turns out, the JVM parameters were the issue.  With proper tuning of 
the JVM (and an upgrade) they have been happily stable ever since.  It 
didn't really have anything to do with pool sizing.

The thing is that this issue is not a Cocoon issue, but a JVM 
configuration issue.  Nevertheless it is not intuitive, and pointers to 
how to configure the JVM would help others in his situation.

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