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From Quoin Developers <>
Subject Re: Fine Tuning Ajax Handling in CForms
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 23:12:12 GMT
> Why do you need such flexibility?

Concretely, I was running in to and realized that I
could get what I needed by simply switching out of ajax mode (plus
scrolling back up to the top of the page).

And then I discovered that there was no simple way to switch out of
ajax mode. The first way I discovered to switch out of ajax mode was
to embellish onclick with "cocoon.forms.ajax=false;
forms_submitForm(this, '{@id}'); return false". I could do that with
fi:style, but it was clunky. I tried to embellish the onclick and
onsubmit in the xsl, but that still felt clunky, so my approach
evolved a bit.

Bottom line, in my current application, I have certain page widgets
that benefit from ajax updates to the form, however, the final
form-level validation is simpler if i can switch out of ajax mode.
This patch lets me do that. It felt useful, but I could be convinced

It /may/ be that once I fix 1570, that 1774 will be less critical, but
I don't like that AJAX is all or nothing, as to me it feels a bit like
it should be a per-widget decision.

> > Note that the patch files also include a fix to a separate AJAX issue.
> >
> > forms_onsubmitHandlers = null
> >
> > Causes problems when in AJAX mode - submit handlers are only called
> > the first time an ajax submit is called. Thereafter, the array of
> > handlers is null, and none are called.
> >
> Yeah, that's a problem. But we cannot keep it either, as some of the
> handlers are registered by widgets that are replaced by the update.
> The move to Dojo which I'm currently working on should solve this issue.

Excellent. We can keep or leave those lines, but my application
doesn't work without a patch. I tried to still clear the
forms_onsubmitHandlers when not in ajax mode. I'm open to alternate

This related item also seemed interesting and may relate to
these types of issues.

Let me know if I can be helpful with the Dojo work.


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