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From "Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n" <>
Subject Re: Put Lucene generator on a diet?
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 10:26:28 GMT
2006/2/23, Andrew Stevens <>:
> Looking through the Lucene block's search generator recently, it occurred to
> me that a fair amount of the code in there was redundant - all the stuff for
> breaking the hits up into pages, and only returning one page full of actual
> hits, seems to me to be duplicating the FilterTransformer.  In fact, in the
> site I've been working on most recently, we've been using just that
> configuration - set the hits/page count on the generator to -1 (so it
> returns everything) and add the filter transformer into the pipeline after
> it to do the paging.

I suppose that it's there because 99% of searches are paginated and
very few could be cached... Er... Is the search generator cacheable?

> So I'm wondering, are there good reasons for the search generator to include
> the same functionality, or would there be any interest in a patch that
> strips it out?  The only possiblity that's occurred to me so far is perhaps
> it has this in there for performance?  The number of hits isn't likely to be
> an issue in my particular case (less than a few hundred pages in total on
> this site), but I guess it wouldn't be too good if Cocoon had to stream (and
> maybe cache) several million hits.  On the other hand, I can't imagine
> anyone would ever page through all of those anyway, so perhaps just having a
> configurable upper limit on the hit count would be sufficient?

I agree on the upper limit, if this reduces memory usage.

WRT removing the included pagination, I am not against doing so for
2.2, but definitely it should not be done for 2.1.X as it would break
backwards compatibility. Wouldn't it?


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