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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Ajax and UTF-8 not working
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 09:08:05 GMT

I have made every possible attempt I can think of to make Ajax work in
a UTF-8 environment. It plainly does not.

I set form-encoding to UTF-8.

HTML serializer is configured as follows:
<map:serializer logger="sitemap.serializer.html" mime-type="text/html"
                      name="html4" pool-grow="4" pool-max="32" pool-min="4"
<doctype-public>-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN</doctype-public>

The rest is done like in, i.e.

<ft:form-template ... ajax="true">

Use <ft:repeater> instead of <ft:repeater-widget>

<map:transform type="browser-update"/>
<map:select type="ajax-request">
    <map:when test="true">
      <map:serialize type="xml"/>
      <map:serialize type="html4"/>

The first page comes out well, but as soon as an ajax update for the
repeater is received, all the accented characters go into a strange
thing, and on the second round-trip, they get converted to a plain
question mark "?". (Firefox browser)

Disabling Ajax (removing ajax="true") makes the form work perfectly.

I tried to change the serializer and try a
o.a.c.components.serializers.XHTMLSerializer, and after changing the
JVM default encoding to UTF-8, I got some javascript errors
complaining about &quot; in the middle of Javascript code.

I am sure at least Sylvain must have tested this thoroughly, so I
can't understand what is happening.

Any ideas?


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