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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: How to use cocoon servlet only for rendering documents?
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 09:57:58 GMT
Le 14 févr. 06, à 10:40, Peter Neu a écrit :

> ...I have the use case that I want to combine Cocoon with another 
> framework say
> Struts (there is lots of legacy code). I want to do all the web front 
> end
> work with Struts and do the rendering of pdf, xml, excel etc with 
> Cocoon...

A nicely decoupled way of doing this is by using an HTTP client in your 
Struts (or whatever) code: run Cocoon in a separate servlet, even on a 
different host if it's useful, and have your other module send XML data 
to Cocoon via HTTP POST, receive the results and proxy them to the web 

You could use the httpclient java library to do this, it's not that 
much code to write, and if you do it right you can keep it all 
streaming without having to buffer data in memory, so it would be 
efficient (not as much as a more tightly coupled solution, but if 
you're talking about generating PDF it's not the communications costs 
that will be a problem).

Such a client could be a welcome addition to Cocoon, if you want to go 
this route I'll try to find some time to help and possibly integrate 
the client in a future relelase.


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