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From Tim Williams <>
Subject another simple Store question
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:38:32 GMT
I need to be able to store null values in the "Store".  I think this
is causing me problems because of MRUMemoryStore.  The MRUMemoryStore
docs say that it's a HashMap implementation which would support my
needs well.  After running out of places to look, I decided to take a
look at its implementation and appears to be Hash*table*
implementation after all, thus apparently causing my problems.

As I described in [1], we're trying to use the store in an input
module but this appears to be a show-stopper.  Can anyone give me an
idea of what to do next?  Is there a store implementation that does
support null values? Is it pluggable like that?  I'm very much still
learning Cocoon and am at the end of where my current knowledge will
take me.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated...

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