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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Dependency on WebApplicationContext
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 23:37:55 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom skrev:
> Carsten Ziegeler skrev:
>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>> Of course we need to create the container somewhere. But that code 
>>> should be isolated, we should really avoid having dependencies on 
>>> heavy weight containers all other the place.
>> I absolutely agree; I think we should move the container code out of the
>> tree processor, so the tree processor is just for processing the
>> pipelines and parsing *that* part of the sitemap. The container code
>> will also read the sitemap, but only the components part. This requires
>> to read the sitemap twice, but cleans up the concerns. WDYT?
> Agree. One possibility would be to make a component of the 
> SitemapLanguage.createApplicationContext method (except maybe for the 
> listener setup in the end). It could be BeanFactoryAware and LogEnabled, 
> and have the createApplicationContext method as its API. AFAICS it would 
> only be needed to be created if the sitemap actually contain a 
> configuration element. Which would make the treeprocessor container 
> dependent only when it needs internaly configured components.

I made a hack that means that the sitemap local bean factory only is 
setup when there actually is a sitemap local component configuration. 
This means that the still ECM dependent blocks fw work with limited 
functionality again. The test cases without sitemap internal components 

It should be possible to continue the work on the blocks deployer.

I will of course work on switching the blocks fw to the new container, 
but now we can focus on getting the new contaner stable first.


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