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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Using trunk
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 23:43:46 GMT
Thanks Daniel,

I will try to do this in the next few days.  I can't promise anything 
but maybe I can figure out how to automate it.


Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> People, there seem to be some myths about that the trunk is unstable 
> and that it doesn't work anymore. And that I and other people have 
> unstabilized it beyond recognitions with the work on the blocks 
> architecture.
> I cannot speak for Carsten's work the last week on switching to Spring 
> (besides that it broke my ongoing work :/), but before that the trunk 
> worked.
> Last week I started a new customer project based on a trunk checkout. 
> Besides core I'm using the template block, the Ajax block, the forms 
> block and the DB block and haven't seen any problems at all this far.
> As I have said plenty of times, the blocks work doesn't affect the 
> working of the current trunk the slightest, I, Reinhard, and others 
> have barely touched the core.
> Besides Carsten's recent work on Spring the Java code for the 
> "classical Coocoon" has not changed after the M10N.
>                     --- o0o ---
> I have tried to explain that Cocoon trunk actually work before, e.g.
> but didn't get any reaction at all. So I take it once again:
> To use the current trunk you start with the cocoon-webapp.
>   $ cd cocoon-webapp
>   $ mvn war:inplace jetty6:run
> Then you can point your browser at http://localhost:8888/cocoon-webapp/.
> After having checked that the core actually can serve the start page, 
> it is time to start adding blocks. This is done by adding the blocks 
> that you want to the dependencies in the pom.xml of cocoon-webapp.
> To actually get some result from this you have to copy the content of 
> src/main/resources/WEB-INF to the src/main/webapp/WEB-INF of 
> cocoon-webapp. Now you have the needed configuration files as well.
> Last step is to have some samples to look at. Copy 
> src/main/resources/samples from the appropriate samples project to 
> cocoon-webapp/src/main/webapp/samples/blocks/<block-name>, and point 
> your browser to the samples.
> I tried this last week for the blocks with samples mentioned above, 
> and it worked.
>                     --- o0o ---
> Now, it would of course be much more convenient if you could use 
> Cocoon without the need to copy a few files. To get to that point 
> someone need to write a Maven plug-in that perform the work that I 
> outlined above. It shouldn't be rocket science IMO.
> So people, please test what I describe above and report the result to 
> the list, or even better write the Maven plug-in that automatize the 
> work.
> /Daniel
> P.S.
> The work on blocks and OSGi that I and others are involved in outside 
> the classical Cocoon but within the trunk, will make Cocoon better, 
> leaner, sexier and easier to work with than most of you could even 
> imagine ;) But it isn't ready for prime time just yet. Stay tuned and 
> get prepared to be astonished ;)

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