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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Using trunk
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 23:28:38 GMT
People, there seem to be some myths about that the trunk is unstable and 
that it doesn't work anymore. And that I and other people have 
unstabilized it beyond recognitions with the work on the blocks 

I cannot speak for Carsten's work the last week on switching to Spring 
(besides that it broke my ongoing work :/), but before that the trunk 

Last week I started a new customer project based on a trunk checkout. 
Besides core I'm using the template block, the Ajax block, the forms 
block and the DB block and haven't seen any problems at all this far.

As I have said plenty of times, the blocks work doesn't affect the 
working of the current trunk the slightest, I, Reinhard, and others have 
barely touched the core.

Besides Carsten's recent work on Spring the Java code for the "classical 
Coocoon" has not changed after the M10N.

                     --- o0o ---

I have tried to explain that Cocoon trunk actually work before, e.g.

but didn't get any reaction at all. So I take it once again:

To use the current trunk you start with the cocoon-webapp.

   $ cd cocoon-webapp
   $ mvn war:inplace jetty6:run

Then you can point your browser at http://localhost:8888/cocoon-webapp/.

After having checked that the core actually can serve the start page, it 
is time to start adding blocks. This is done by adding the blocks that 
you want to the dependencies in the pom.xml of cocoon-webapp.

To actually get some result from this you have to copy the content of 
src/main/resources/WEB-INF to the src/main/webapp/WEB-INF of 
cocoon-webapp. Now you have the needed configuration files as well.

Last step is to have some samples to look at. Copy 
src/main/resources/samples from the appropriate samples project to 
cocoon-webapp/src/main/webapp/samples/blocks/<block-name>, and point 
your browser to the samples.

I tried this last week for the blocks with samples mentioned above, and 
it worked.

                     --- o0o ---

Now, it would of course be much more convenient if you could use Cocoon 
without the need to copy a few files. To get to that point someone need 
to write a Maven plug-in that perform the work that I outlined above. It 
shouldn't be rocket science IMO.

So people, please test what I describe above and report the result to 
the list, or even better write the Maven plug-in that automatize the work.



The work on blocks and OSGi that I and others are involved in outside 
the classical Cocoon but within the trunk, will make Cocoon better, 
leaner, sexier and easier to work with than most of you could even 
imagine ;) But it isn't ready for prime time just yet. Stay tuned and 
get prepared to be astonished ;)

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