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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Using Spring instead of ECM++
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 14:59:02 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Ok, I just committed the initial prototyp. The spring based container is
> setup in the Cocoon class (in initialize). I think I've covered most of
> the Avalon stuff including pooled components (but have not tested this).
> The remaining part would be to use the spring based container instead of
> ECM++ which requires changes in the Cocoon class and in the tree
> processor. Changing the Cocoon class should be fairly easy while the
> tree processor is more work. Now, this work can't be done without
> possibly breaking Cocoon until the work is finished. So how do we proceed?
> Once we use the Spring based container we can simplify the whole setup
> process and clean up things like the CoreUtil and the Cocoon class.
It depends on how long time you think that it will take. If you think 
that it take a week or so I suggest that you branch cocoon-core, and 
work on the branch until it works again and merge it back then. In the 
meantime the rest of us try to avoid doing larger changes in cocoon-core 

If it takes like a month or so, it is better to try to do some splitting 
of cocoon-core first, so that you only need to branch the tree-processor 
and the top layer that contain the Cocoon object.

In any case it must be done in a branch. We are making good progress 
with the blocks work, and having a cocoon-core that doesn't would be a 
far to large disruption.


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