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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: A new FAQ entry?
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 10:54:15 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:
> I like the idea of a categorised FAQ - a simple Q&A list
> is fine for a simple project - but Cocoon is *not* that 
> by any measure.  Can one have other categories as well?

Yes, the category field is a multivalued field.

Alternativley, we could just use a "tags" field allowing freeform 
tagging of the FAQ entries. However, I'm not a big fan of this approach 
in documentation, it tends to end up a little too unstrucutred.

> It would be great if we could start with the list that is
> already in the Wiki... if you need help creating the info
> for the FAQ, once the code has been setup, please post
> a request here.

Will do - thnks, I'll wait another couple of days to see if anyone has 
any objections.


> > 
>>>> 2006/02/07 06:03:22 PM >>>
> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>>This is really a three pronged question:
>>1. Do we have a project FAQ?
>>2. Where is it? on daisy?
> (assumption - there isn't a FAQ already)
> I use Daisy on an in-house project for documentation. One of the things 
> we have done is create a FAQ document type which has a "question" and an 
> "answer" part and a category field (user, developer, installation etc.)
> We then use the query facilities on daisy to automatically create a 
> variety of FAQ documents.
> One advantage of this over having a normal document listing the faqs is 
> that you can include each FAQ in other documents. For example, by having 
> a field "commonality" wich is set to "uncommon" or "common", we can use 
> another query to include the common FAQs on relevant pages, e.g. the 
> install documentation can includes the common install FAQs at the end, 
> whilst the "uncommon" ones appear in only in the list of FAQs.
> I could set this up on the Daisy instance if you like. Perhaps just 
> starting with the basic FAQ doc type for now.
> Ross

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