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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: How to build cocoon trunk?
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 19:32:44 GMT
Vilya Harvey skrev:
> Hi there,
> After spending some time developing on Cocoon, I thought it was 
> time to try and get up to date. I've checked out the Cocoon trunk from 
> SVN and tried to follow the instructions in the README.m10n.txt file, 
> but seem to keep getting problems.

The trunk is in a state of flux, so if you want to work with it 
currently you have to be prepared to a bumpy ride.

> The first problem was that the cocoon-deployer module (in the 
> cocoon-block-deployer subdirectory) wouldn't build. I found another 
> thread related to that which indicated (if I understood correctly) that 
> cocoon-deployer was not needed; I've commented it out for now.

I have hopefully fixed that problem.

> Now I'm gettting a lot of warnings about Maven being unable to get 
> resources from various directories. I'm not very familiar with Maven yet 
> - are these things I can ignore, or will they come back to bite me later 
> if I do?

If the build succeed it should be OK. Many of the warning have to do 
with small inconsistencies in POMs or that the jar wasn't found in the 
first repository where Maven looked, as long as it is found in any of 
the repositories it should work.

> Finally, once I have got it all downloaded and building correctly, what 
> is the intended way of developing applications for it? I read a passing 
> comment somewhere that user code would be written as a block and would 
> just declare dependencies on the blocks it needs. Is that the case?

We are working on it, and are almost there.

> If 
> so, where can I find information about writing blocks?

But, its not working yet.

> If not, how 
> *should* I be writing applications for Cocoon 2.2?

It is not certain that you *should* as I don't know if anyone have tried 
after the move to Maven. But it should be possible to do similar to how 
it is done in 2.1.

If you are brave enough, the best bet is by starting by taking a copy of 
the cocoon-webapp, rename it to something appropriate. The you update 
the pom to a new artifactId and to depend on the blocks that you need. 
You also need to copy the component (and other) configuration files 
_manually_ from the blocks to WEB-INF in your webapp, they are located 
in the WEB-INF directory of the blocks. This was done by the ant task 
before, but no one have written any Maven replacement yet.

After this it might work ;)


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