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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject 2.2M1 ?
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 14:00:07 GMT
was: Re: Update to the Servlet API

Ralph Goers skrev:
> Is this a question just for me?
> I'm a little confused.  I haven't tried trunk lately, but my impression 
> from the list is that it doesn't work at the moment.

It should work, not much if anything has changed on core since we 
started to move to Maven. The problem is that it is harder to tell, as 
we not have any automatic way to create a demo website with samples anymore.

What is needed IIUC is a Maven plugin that extracts and copies the 
content of the WEB-INF directory (containing configuration snippets to 
the WEB-INF of cocoon-webapp.

> Have all the blocks 
> been mavenized?

Yes, but since that we changed prefered directory structure and group id 
for Cocoon. the blocks in trunk are adapted to this, but the ones in 
blocks are not.

Here more work is needed, everyone should follow the instructions in 
trunk/README.m10n.txt and move some of their favorite blocks to trunk.

>  If so, that is all I think is needed for a 2.2M1 release.

With Maven releases should be easier to manage.

Some testing wouldn't hurt though ;)

A 2.2 roadmap in JIRA would be good as well.

> Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
>> Ralph Goers wrote:
>>> So this is one way to get us motivated to get 2.2 out.
>> Do you think it's still feasible to release 2.2 with only ECM+ and 
>> maven build? Probably trunk already passed 2.2 release point...

 From a technical POV I don't think so, as described above.

Personally I don't feel that motivated for a 2.2M1 now. I would prefer 
having working blocks and removing some of the stuff that will be 
obsolete with blocks.

But if people feel the urge, please go ahead. In that case I would 
prefer if we market it as a somewhat "interim" release, and as a steping 
stone for the more radical things to come.


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