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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Futher block-fw development
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 19:38:56 GMT
Reinhard Poetz skrev:
> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>> Do you have a roadmap on what's open?
>> * Component handling - design issues
> ok, that's the main question that needs to be answered
>> * Logging - I put it in the BlocksManager but didn't give it much 
>> thought, here is a new chance for all logging enthusiasts to discuss ;)
> hehe
>> * Multi part MIME handling - not part of the blocks architecture to 
>> simplify things, would make most sense to put in a ServletFilter IMO
> ok (haven't thought about this yet)
>> * Error handling - there is sophisticated creation of error messages 
>> in the CocoonServlet, where is the right place for it in the blocks 
>> architecture?
> ok (haven't thought about this yet either)
>> * JARed blocks - the BlocksManager assumes that the wiring location 
>> points to unpacked blocks, implement support for packed blocks.
> ok, IMHO a nice to have for me and transparent for the user.
> Do you mind if I create JIRA tasks for them? I would like to use the 
> roadmap feature of JIRA to make it visible for lurkes on what we are doing.

I forgot that role handling needs some attention also. The concept of 
role handling is Avalon specific, so it doesn't work that well if we 
want to register e.g. our sitemap components as OSGi services or Spring 
components. Maybe we could just put the role info in the container as 
well so that we don't need to maintain a parallel  set of rolemanagers 
for the blocks.


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