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From "Peter Neu" <>
Subject How to use cocoon servlet only for rendering documents?
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 09:40:00 GMT


I already posted this question in the dev list but nobody responded so I put
it here.

I have the use case that I want to combine Cocoon with another framework say
Struts (there is lots of legacy code). I want to do all the web front end
work with Struts and do the rendering of pdf, xml, excel etc with Cocoon.
Thus I want pass parameters to the Cocoon servlet and then let cocoon query
data from the database and then render the stuff. I would only need the
basic functionality to render the documents and the SQLTransformer. Is this

I heared some talk about the Paranoid cocoon servlet but I don't really
understand how this fits in. Can somebody please explain or tell me where to

find information on this?


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