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From Andrew MacDonald <>
Subject portal urls and validation
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 18:13:43 GMT

I'm trying to get our portal to validate according to
W3C standards. One of the main problems is the portal
urls that get created. These use the ampersand
character (&) instead of the entity for ampersand
(&amp;) for appending parameters, which is incorrect.

I tried changing the character that gets appended in
DefaultLinkService (in the addEvent method), but then
our forms stopped working. The problem seemed to be
that the hidden input containing the
cocoon-portal-event did not get the & entity stripped
and so the result was <input
name="amp;cocoon-portal-event" value="18"

Before making lots of modifications to the code, or
creating some new transformer to replace the &'s, I'd
like to know if anyone has suggestions on how to
resolve this problem.


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