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From Jean-Baptiste Quenot <>
Subject Re: New skin for web site
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 14:48:10 GMT
* hepabolu:

> I've worked out something

Looks nice!  Much more elegant than the current site, more simple,
especially the  menu.  Much easier to  read, the font on  your new
skin is bigger and better.

> - I can't  make up my mind  whether the search box  should be at
> the top of the nav menu (directly visible and at hand) or at the
> end (gives a nice closure to  the menu), so both versions of the
> samples have it at different locations.

Difficult to tell what is the best option.  I prefer search at the
top, and it  would be worth to insert the  Google logo to indicate
that it is a Google search.

However the Cocoon logo on  the upper-right corner has a different
color than the  headings.  Maybe choosing the same  color would be
better.  And  maybe replacing « Apache Software  Foundation » with
« Apache Cocoon » would clearly indicate  what the site is talking
about.  In short, cocoon-project-logo.png is more appropriate than

Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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