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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject [M10N] releasing our snapshots with continuum
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:39:03 GMT

I've setup the continuum server again on the zone [1]. It builds and
deploys all current projects twice a day (noon and midnight) to

The clever bit now is that we can use this webinterface to easily deploy
new snapshots at will. Say you've got an urgent fix for users to test,
well all you do is commit your fix and press the "build now" link of
your project on the webinterface. Continuum will automatically build and
deploy (if build was successful ofourse) a new snapshot of that project
to the server - instantly available for maven users to pick it up on a
next build run.

- I've setup build notifications to go to #cocoon-ci on, if you're the one opening the channel make sure you
allow outside messages. If desired i can route another notifier to the
- The server is started from user maven using
    $ nohup ./ &

  It can be stopped by killing the javaprocess.
- If you'ld like admin rights to the server send me an email.
- The server won't start automatically when the zone is restarted, can
someone set this up ?
- We should probably add a link from the index page on the zone.



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