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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: [M10N] Time to finish
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:11:47 GMT

Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Sounds great as well. But I'm more impatient ;) A deployer is AFAICS a
> new feature, my question is: what is the minimal amount of work we need
> to do to replace the current Ant build system with M2?
> IIRC, all Cocoon with blocks included, where possible to build with M2 a
> couple of months ago. Now just the core is built from the main POM. What
> is needed for building everything and create a working webapp?

that's because i've commented out the other modules in the root pom. I
fixed the webapp yesterday so that it runs again, i'll commit this now.
All you have to do from /webapp is war:inplace and point jetty to the
root of the webapp.

> IMO, we should focus on switching to M2, ASAP. All new features can
> wait, the important thing is to get something that replaces the current
> build system.


> It is time that we as a community takes responsibility for the M2 build.


> If there are some rough edges, or that the system sometimes becomes
> unstable, that is something that we have to deal with, we shouldn't wait
> for you and Jorg to finish and polish everything. A lot of people in our
> community have started to learn about using M2, and Jason and Bret
> seemed commited to help us if we run into problems when we talked to
> them during ApacheCon. We should, IMO, just switch ASAP and solve the
> problems as they come.

> So, what would a minimal plan for switching be?

IMO just to start flattening the trunk, things will become easier to
manage and ppl can more easily participate in the m2 build process.
Getting the webapp to run automatic block deployment is not needed for
switching IMO, people can initially just copy the stuff manually.


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