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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Success stories
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 13:05:25 GMT
Le 18 janv. 06, à 23:06, Nicolás Lichtmaier a écrit :

> ...It would help a lot if I could show where Cocoon is being used (big 
> names preferrred)...

If "big names in a small part of a small country" apply, I have two 
live examples (their content is in French but you'll get the idea), and 
a few more references below. People, bear with me if you've heard this 
before ;-) is the website of "nouvo", a TV show of the 
national Swiss television (french-speaking branch) which is about 
innovation, gadgets, multimedia etc. In addition to being a very 
important part of the show, the website is used as a kind of laboratory 
to test new ideas for video distribution and audience interaction.

We'll be adding video forums next week, for audience interaction via 
webcams, using Flash-based video integrated in the Cocoon-generated 
website. I can't say more for now but this is public information 
already, so here you go.

They're very happy with the system and it's very stable, more info on 
my weblog at

The same Cocoon-based core is used to run 
where the historical video archives of the same TV network 
( are published.


This is all public information, so feel free to cite these projects as 
references, or ask me off-list if you need more details.

I haven't checked if someone mentioned Jack Iver's and friends 
presentation at the last GT, you can find it at

The presentation mentions the Webby award-winning "Merck Manual Second 
Home Edition" website, which also runs on Cocoon.

Other big names references around here are Otego's work for the Swiss 
Interbank Clearing, search for

otego "swiss interbank clearing" cocoon

on Google.

And also SWX, the electronic Swiss Exchange, mentioned in

Hope this helps,

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