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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject M10N
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:31:06 GMT
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Recently I was thinking about how we want our new build system to behave 
from a user perspective because I wanted to get the plugins going ASAP. 
Now I want to make sure that we all align on the same things.

In general the build system of Cocoon 2.1.x was quite handy for most of 


Was all one needed to type to get a running system (yes some needed to 
adjust the local.[build|block].properties file but with M2 this should 
be doable in a similar but more Mavne-like way).

Now, is it the goal of M10N to get as close to this as well? Or are we 
going to have different building procedures (mvn goals) depending on 
whether it is a component block, application block, webapp block, etc.

M2 offers quite a lot of possibilities how to interact with its 
lifecycle/build phases so that building different types of artifacts 
could be standardized with our plugins which may be attached into those 
lifecycles/build phases.

We can define our own artifact types so that there is possibilities to 
supply archetypes for things like application blocks, component blocks, 
abstract blocks, whatever and build them in a consistent way (from the 
users perspective), but package them as we need/like.


    => mvn   # build the package depending on the artifact we
             # want to produce for a certain module (single modules
             # as well as multi module build)

    mvn cocoon:run  # run it (independent whether this is the root or
                    # a single module)


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Giacomo Pati
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