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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: The Apple-Intel analogy
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 09:19:22 GMT
> I think the Apple move to Intel processors is a good
> example.

Same here!

> Apple is changing its fundaments but the
> building above, the operating systems, remains the
> same and all your applications won't stop to work.

That's not true have to port applications to
the new platform. But Apple has prepared developers
very well on how to do the migration. Of course we
would have to that too.

> The
> average user won't even notice that the processor has
> changed.

Let's hope they will ;)

> IMO Cocoon should go the same way. The recent thread
> about a complete rewrite of Cocoon *really* scares me
> and a lot of people I've talked to as it will break
> compatibility for sure.

Fear has always been the main blocker for new technologies.

I thought it was already clear that what (I think) most
people want is not necessarily to really rewrite from
scratch but the freedom to reevaluate and change every-
thing if they think it's a good change ...without the
"no, we cannot do that to our existing customers"

There is no doubt we need migration strategies ...but
there is also no doubt we are currently locked into
some not even so clear and old contracts.

THIS is what people (or at least I) want to change.


> I also consider it as dangerous as it might
> lead to fractions within the community and we start
> again to split our limited time that we can dedicate
> to the devleopment of Cocoon into two projects for
> years (again).

I am sure it will also create fraction if we don't
move on with some innovations that are just too much
for the current codebase.


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