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From Giuseppe Di Pierri <>
Subject SelectionList (CForm) and performance
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 23:17:10 GMT
Hi everybody,

Selection list in cache='request'
I just found out that an intensive use of selection lists (longer  
then 50 items) in repeaters etc causes a lack of performance.
This remains even if I adopt the intelligent "cache="request" '  
feature. That means the "problem" (I'm not sure whether this is a  
general problem or just my mistake) is in how the framework  
transforms it in <fi: namespace (each selection is repeated each time  
requested by the form view, even in case of caching, and even if just  
one referencing copy would be enough).

Selection list in read-only mode
Usually we use selection list to show long collection of fields  
grouped into a table.
The table in this case is used just to view the data, afterward  
clicking on a "detail" button or on a row link, the user gets into  
the details of the selected row.  (please, tell me if this is wrong)

In this case, a selection list in read-only mode (state output o  
disabled) could be passed out by the transformer (i.e.  
AbstractJavaSelectionList) with only the selected value (and label)  
item (and not the entire and unused long heavy list of items).  
[unfortunately AbstractJavaSelectionList doesn't have visibility on  
field state]

This would increase performance of selection list in output or  
disabled state.


Does anybody have some idea or help on how to solve this?
can somebody ev. tell me what's wrong with this approach and how to  

Thank you in advance

<pino />

PS:  we really appreciate your job, really :)

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