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From "Max Pfingsthorn" <>
Subject RE: rejuvenating the webdav block
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 12:13:11 GMT

Geoff Howard [] wrote:
> On 12/20/05, Max Pfingsthorn <> wrote:
> > > > On another note: I  need the eventcaching block  for webdav, but
> > > > that  one only  needs jms  in one  class, and  databases in  the
> > > > samples. So, I'll work on the  dependency issue there instead of
> > > > in the webdav block directly.
> ...
> > The eventcache is needed for more advanced caching. The 
> components need to know about it to be able to construct the 
> right Validity objects for Source.getValidity(). We found out 
> that eventcaching is really key for good performance of the 
> website, so I would consider it a good kind of dependency. Of 
> course, the eventcaching block depending (indirectly) on the 
> database block is a bit silly.
> Yes, these dependencies were always somewhat painful - as we discussed
> before [1].  It's only the samples that cause the dependency on the
> database block IIRC.  There was some work being done on samples
> dependencies I think - or were samples being separated into samples
> blocks perhaps?  That would cure this.
> I see you've implemented some of this in webdav - did you manage to
> avoid a dependency on the database block somehow?

Yes, well, at least directly. The webdav block now depends only on repository and eventcache,
not on database. However, eventcache still depends on database. I was thinking about the same
thing, meaning to make a new block for the eventcache samples. That has been done for other
blocks and would take care it, as you said.
However, I don't know if its worth it in the 2.1 branch. Compiling a few more classes doesn't
hurt too much for now. It would make more sense and be worth it for 2.2 as it is supposed
to be released semi-soon, right?


> [1]

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