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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [M10N] JCL and webapp classloader issues
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 01:10:42 GMT
> Reading Ceki Gülcü's trashing of commons-logging [1], i'm wondering if
> we have other options as to what our usage of JCL is concerned (slf4j
> [2] ?).
> I'm by no means an expert on classloaders and logging , but Ceki's
> wording at the end is clear enough for everyone to understand :
>> As demonstrated above, JCL's discovery mechanism invents new and
>> original ways of shooting yourself in the foot. For example, with JCL
>> you can shoot yourself in the foot while aiming at the sky. Thanks to
>> JCL you can be hit by lightning in the middle of the desert when it's
>> not raining. If your computing life is too dull and trouble is what
>> you are looking for, then JCL is the way to go.
> Thoughts? (has this been hashed over before?)

Without getting into any holy logging wars here I would suggest maybe
nudging over at jakarta commons a bit. AFAIK quite a few of the JCL
issues are resolved in trunk ...but there has not been a new release
yet. Maybe you give the trunk build a try?

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