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From Jens Maukisch <>
Subject Re[2]: [CRAZY IDEA] sitemaps in javascript
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 12:01:06 GMT

>> He suggested that the sitemaps should instead be written in a general
>> purpose server-side interpreted language, maybe javascript.  I was
>> horrified at the idea at first, but I've been thinking about it a
>> little more and I think he just may be right.  Yes, I hear you all
>> groaning :-)

I think a fully scripted sitemap will lead to that users do more stuff
in the sitemap as they really should do. It's maybe the same as with
the JXTemplates and Flow today.

>> * Eclipse has much better editor support for Javascript than xmap,
>> with the several quality plugins available.

> Yep. Especially with the amazing Interakt JSEclipse plugin [2]

IIRC someone has started the Lepido project to face that problem.

* best regards
* Jens Maukisch              

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