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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Package samples as jars in 2.1
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 14:54:12 GMT
I must have missed something.  I can understand how you can package the 
sample classes in their own jars, but what will you do with the sample 
sitemaps and additional xconf configurations?


>>>We  could  hack  the  Loader.   But  we  could  also  packages
>>>our  samples   as  jars.   That   would  ease  to   merge  the
>>>Cocoon  build with  an  existing  application.  Currently,  it
>>>is  quite  difficult  to  mix  Cocoon's  WEB-INF/classes  with
>>>My  App's   WEB-INF/classes  because   the  latter   is  often
>>>cleaned/regenerated on a regular basis.
>>Yup. Makes sense to  me. I often wondered why  that stuff wasn't
>>jarred up.
>OK, I  intend to do this  modification in 2.1 (if  everyone's OK).
>For trunk,  it is not very  clear to me how  samples are packaged,
>but perhaps  if it's not  already the case,  we should do  that as
>well with Maven.

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