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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: What does a block need to run?
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 22:36:24 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom skrev:
> Reinhard Poetz skrev:
>> According to the pom.xml of the blocks framework, it depends on 
>> cocoon-core. I'm not sure but if we consider cocoon-core being a block 
>> too, we get a circular dependency, don't we?
> Yes it becomes circular, OTH I don't want any special purpose component 
> configurations during the bootstrap of the blocks system. The workaround 
>  for now should IMO be to have cocoon-core at the initial classpath 
> (WEB-INF/lib) and have a fake core block that only contains the 
> configuration file, but no classes.

I checked in an example of this, if you agree about the solution, you 
could add a cocoon-core-components (e.g.) block that just contain the 
configuration files, that can be used by the deployer.

I also integrated your code for adding the blocks to the class loader, 
into the BlocksManager. No handling of jars yet, and not much testing. 
Feel free to improve it ;)

Now everything should be in place for making it possible to actually 
execute the deployed blocks.


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