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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: jx:text
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 15:05:54 GMT
Jason Johnston skrev:
> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> ...
>>> There are lots of comments from users (mainly using jx-macros for 
>>> cforms) that whitespace is problematic. So I think it's worthwhile.
>> Maybe the whitespace handling for macros need an overlook then, what 
>> exactly is the whitespace problem with jx-macros?

I'm aware of that bug, I was asking for more details, which maybe wasn't 
that clear. Where does the unwanted whitespace show up, and why is that 

Anyway, IIRC, the jx:import basically includes the whole document with 
macro definitions, whitespace between macros, and XML elements, that are 
between the macro definitions. While such a construction certainly can 
be useful, it is not the most natural for importing macros, and it would 
have been better to name it jx:include.

What we need IMO, is a "jx:importMacros" instruction that just imports 
the macros in a macro definition file, without doing any document 
inclusion. That would solve the macro problem in a clean way.

Now, we still might want a skip whitespace instruction. But we shouldn't 
introduce it as a workaround for fixing problems macros, better fix the 
macros directly.


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