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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: jx:text
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 13:46:46 GMT
Leszek Gawron wrote:
> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> The functionality seem useful, but I don't think that it should be 
>> implemented as an attribute. An attribute template language would be 
>> cool, but, for JXTG, I think that all instructions should be 
>> elements. Mixing element and attribute instructions makes the 
>> template language confusing IMO.
> we already have <root jx:cache-key=""/>
Didn't exactly like it there either ;)

> Thing is jx:strip-whitespace is not really an instruction. It's more 
> like a processing directive. With <jx:strip-whitespace/> being a tag 
> the syntax is awful:
> <xyz jx:strip-whitespace="true">
>   ${}
>   <nested-tag jx:strip-whitespace="false"> ${abc.description}    
> </nested-tag>
> </xyz>
> vs.
> <xyz>
>   <jx:strip-whitespace>
>   ${}
>   <nested-tag><jx:preserve-whitespace>     ${abc.description}
>             </jx:preserve-whitespace></nested-tag>
>   </jx:strip-whitespace>
> </xyz>
Might be that it is awful, but that goes for the rest of JXTG as well 
(or any XML language), it is still not a reason to complicate life for 
users by mixing attribute and element syntax. Furthermore, I doubt that 
what you do above is a common use case.

> Recursive space stripping is also very useful when do you not generate 
> html output but use jxtg to generate views for a self made client (not 
> web browser).
>>  From architectural stand point I would prefer letting the strip 
>> whitespace element just work on its immediate children. Striping 
>> whitespace recursively means that we need to make the Template 
>> architecture more complicated and less reusable, I'm not convinced 
>> that it would be worthwhile.
> The architectural issues are to be discussed further but I do not 
> think that this functionality will impact jxtg core much.
We did a huge and not always fun work in refactoring JXTG so that it 
should be understandable and maintainable for the rest of the community, 
we should be really careful so that we not destroy this by adding 
features that makes it more complicated.

> There are lots of comments from users (mainly using jx-macros for 
> cforms) that whitespace is problematic. So I think it's worthwhile.
Maybe the whitespace handling for macros need an overlook then, what 
exactly is the whitespace problem with jx-macros?


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