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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject New skin for web site
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:58:07 GMT
When we were doing the work to generate the Docs from Daisy some people
showed an interest in developing a new skin for the Cocoon site.

Those people may be interested to know that I recently developed a skin
to mimic the look and feel at

This is a much simpler skin, much cleaner and much easier to modify. It
is *not* complete. I am not a CSS expert and I have not done any checks
in different browsers. But it's a good start

I created two versions of this skin, one for the old Forrest skins
system and one for the upcoming themes system.

The theme is more complete and, is without a doubt, easier to customise.
But it is also using code that is less mature (it is unlikely to be in
the next Forrest release).

This prompts two questions:

1) Should I create an instance in the Forrest Zone that builds the 2.2
docs using this new ASF theme so that it can be used as a base for a new
Cocoon theme.

2) are there any web designers here willing to work on the skin (you
don't need to learn how to get it into Forrest at first, just provide
CSS patches and I'll integrate with Forrest for you - you'll quickly see
how it is done)

NOTE: since this uses in development code it is likely that the build
will break on occasion. I doubt this is a problem for 2.2 docs, but if
it is a concern we can use the existing skinning system rather than the
dispatcher. Personally I would prefer to use the dispatcher as it is
easier to customise and will provide useful feedback for the Forrest
devs. It is likely the dispatcher will be ready for release at around
the same time as Cocoon 2.2 (I'm not sure how can I possibly know that
in Open Source projects though)


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