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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: M10N
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2006 12:06:14 GMT
Ben Pope skrev:
> On 15/01/06, Daniel Fagerstrom <> wrote:
>>Ben Pope skrev:
>>>I then try to create my own block and webapp using the instructions here:
>>>and here:
>>These documents descreibe what we want to achieve rather than what we
>>have. So you have either to wait, or get involved ;)
> OK, understood.  It might take me a while to catch up, but if there's
> anything I can do to help I'll try.  I'll have a look; I'll probably
> be more useful in the easy, but time consuming, rather than
> complicated stuff ;)

All kinds of contributions are welcome. It can be testing (as you did 
now), commenting and discussing the proposals, and code.

It is better to start with easy stuff, so that you get going and get 
feedback. And the block creation and deployment are probably a good area 
to start to work in as they are in dependent from the rest of Cocoon and 
on a early stage of devlopment, so you can work on them without needing 
to understand the Cocoon internals.

>>>If the current workaround is to wait 'til it works, then thats ok :P
>>You are right about the current workaround. We are making good progress,
>>so the waiting will hopefully not be to long.
> I can see the good progress and it's very interesting.
>>Thanks for being eager to use the new stuff.
> ...I just wish I understood the implementation more so that I could contribute.

Just ask at the list about things that are unclear.


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