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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Caching question
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:48:41 GMT

Thanks for the input.  One thing that can be done is two come up with 
algorithms you would like and then create a new pipeline classes to 
implement them.  I would assume they would be a variation on the 
CachingProcessingPipeline.  That is exactly how you would accomplish the 
graphcche pipeline below.

FWIW, in our site a changing file on the filesystem would need to be an 


Ard Schrijvers wrote:

>Perhaps the subject should be: Caching problems with cocoon. 
>For example, <map:pipeline type="graphcache"> where the graphcache implies that
it keeps track of dependencies. That also means, that changing a file on filesystem is not
an event, so it won't be invalidated. Is that a problem, well, not if a site is deployed....after
deployment, the filegenerator does not have to check the validity of a file: I know it is
>I know it possibly won't fit in cocoon easy, but making complexer sites and wanting to
exploit the caching in cocoon effectively, there has to be some smarter caching invalidation.

>What I found the weirdest of all, was that for an expiring pipeling, you can actually
set the expire time and the exact cache key it should use, so it can be unambigously found
when the pipeline is called again, that it still checks all child pipeline keys (which again
can be very expensive). 
>These were just my two cents on cocoon caching...
>Regards Ard

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