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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: Block deployment: working with blocks from a user's point of view
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 20:10:09 GMT

Giacomo Pati schrieb:
> I've missed to place the dependant jars of a block. So I propose they go 
> to META-INF/lib with no strong agruments for it but they are needed to 
> setup the classloader for the block or to populate the parent 
> classloader and that's done at initialization time.

According to the JAR File Specification [1], the META-INF directory is 
used "... to configure applications, extensions, class loaders and 
services". I don't think that JAR-Files itself fall into this category.

A quick check of some Eclipse Plug-ins seems to place jar files into the 
root directory of the bundle.

Just my € 0.02,


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